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Sea Cruise

Sea Cruise Start from Sunrise Garden marina Hotel at 9:00 am back at 8:00 am 1st day to abu munqar Island – 2 to 3 snorkeling stops - night fishing trolling & drops the lines. Start to the second site at 7:00 am Sailing around 45 minutes to the second Island ( Magawish ) 2nd [...]

Orange island one of the best islands in Hurghada

Orange island one of the best islands in Hurghada Maldives in Egypt just 40min boat ride from Hurghada you will spend amazing day with amazing service and quality , you will enjoy 2 snorkeling stops and delicious foods on the boat. Book Now You will get a confirmation email. And you will get pick up [...]

VIP Snorkeling Trip with water sport and sea food open buffet lunch and island

Trip itinerary  Departure at 09:00 from Continental Marina.  Sailing about 60 minutes to Small Giftun.  1st stop. snorkeling from 10:30 to 11:30  Open buffet lunch from 12:00 to 12:30  Giftun Island visit from 12:30 to 13:30  2nd stop. Snorkeling 14:00 to 15:00  3rd stop. Water Sports ( Banana […]

Giftun island

The Giftun Islands are two islands in the Red Sea near Hurghada in Egypt. Giftun Kebir or Big Giftun is located further west and closer to Hurghada

Private Sea spa ( massage – sauna – yoga – seafood buffet ) – 10 PAX maximum

Our vision Create a wellness through traditional knowledge from the Sea breeze, inspired from the style and elegance that capture the wonders of ancient Egypt in a superbly luxurious SPA Experience. Our program offers full Rejuvenation that enhance a total guest experience containing powerful, Effective and natural source ingredients that treat the skin, mind and [...]

Caribbean Paradise island

Caribbean Paradise island Experience Caribbean flair on a Red Sea island! Paradise Island is a part of the Giftun island, it's a small piece of a real Paradise just off the Hurghada coast. Paradise group has been shaped by a moment of inspiration ; perseverance, courage it stated with creating and choosing the magnificent location [...]

Private Fishing Trip

Are You Looking for fun filled action-packed Fishing adventure in the Red Sea? Get on board for an unforgettable sea fishing trip! Experience is not required, old or young, feel free to join in for this healthy leisure activity. Once the boat has reached the fishing grounds, the siren howls: the signal to cast the [...]

Private a private Boat maximum 10 PAX

Private boat trip gives you an exclusive experience to explore prime locations for swimming in crystal clear Red Sea. All tours include professional crew and have flexible itinerary tailored to your needs. The privacy of these tours is ideal for secluded getaway, or family vacation of a lifetime. Sit back and relax as our captain [...]

Snorkeling and swimming with dolphins trip

Snorkeling and swimming with dolphins trip Swimming and having direct contact with a dolphin is not something you will come across numerous times in your lifetime. This is an experience you will treasure in your heart forever and you will also learn about dolphin behavior and communication.

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